HTML-based Project

For users who already have HTML-based projects, GEMstudio offers a couple of ways to compile those projects. You can launch the GEMcompiler and compile the HTML project directly by selecting the Launch GEMcompiler button on the main screen. This allows you to see any errors or warnings in the compile process, but it does not allow you to simulate the project within GEMstudio.

The second option is to open the HTML project from within GEMstudio. Select File > "Program/Run HTML Project". This option allows you to actually simulate the project within GEMstudio, but if your HTML project has errors or warnings, they might not be displayed within GEMstudio. For this reason, only known working HTML projects should be opended through GEMstudio. 

After selecting "Program/Run HTML Project", an LCD Chooser window will pop up for the user to select the LCD for the HTML project.

Once you click the "OK" button, you will be prompted to browse for the HTML project. After selecting the HTML project, the project file will be added to the GEMstudio project window. You will not be able to see anything on the display on the right side of the project window. However, you will be able to simulate the project by clicking on the "Run" button and program the project by clicking on the "Program" button.

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