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Amulet 7" Capacitive GEMmodule™

The High-Performance, Flexible, & Easy Design Solution for Graphic-Rich HMI Applications

Introducing Amulet Technologies’ newest member of fully customizable, high performance display modules – MK-070C-HP. The capacitive 7” GEMmodule has a 7 inch WGA 800x480 LCD screen, featuring capacitive touch for quick and intuitive design control. The embedded Amulet Graphical OS™ utilizing GEMstudio Pro™ allows a designer to implement a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a smartphone-like look and feel in record time-to-market.

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Especially designed for the embedded market, Amulet’s capacitive 7” GEMmodule feature rich solution offers the following benefits: 


  • A 536 MHz ARM® Cortex A5 processor core for enhanced performance
  • Hardware runs on the slim & light Amulet Graphical Operating System TM
  • Small footprint of the fully optimized OS allows for faster start-up times
  • Hardware floating point unit for accelerated graphics processing
  • 4 GB on board DDR2 RAM
  • Minimum of 4 GB on-board embedded flash memory (with the option to add up to 64 GB with SD card)
  • Supports 24 bit color graphics and alpha blending
  • 800x480 resolution (16:9 WVGA)


  • Provides 2 finger multi-touch
  • Hardware supports gestures: tap, flick, scroll, 2 finger swipe, pinch and zoom
  • Projected capacitive touch allows for: 
    • UICO’s gloveSENSE® technology – enables touch with gloves on or off. Ideal for use in food-safety, medical, and when work gloves are used in harsh, outdoor environments
    • UICO’s waterSENSE® technology – enables the ability to function under direct exposure to rain, water and other liquids


  • GEMstudio Pro, a complete GUI development environment and simulator, provides a fully integrated development platform. Designing is as easy as drag-and-drop, compile and play.
  • Ability to debug and refine in real time within the tool using GEMplayer
  • USB device interface for quick debugging and fast prototyping
  • Fully embedded widget library for easier design

Module Components:

  • Integrated TFT LCD display with white LED backlight
  • Integrated touch panel
  • Controller board with Amulet Color Graphical OS Chip™
  • Royalty-free Graphical Operating System™
  • Supports foreign language character sets (Unicode)
  • Built-in font converter

Starter Kit:

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