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Our Technology

Our innovative technology enables your innovative designs. Leveraging our patented IP, Amulet enables product designers to easily achieve smartphone-like interfaces on new and existing microcontroller based products (including 8-bit processors). Find out why you should use Amulet's embedded GUI design solutions.

We Support the GUI. You Run the Application.

At the core of our GUI solutions lies Amulet's unique, royalty-free Graphical Operating System™, which is embedded in all Amulet LCD controller chips. This allows the controller chip to act as a GUI co-processor that supports all aspects of the user interface, while your host processor runs the application.


This GUI solution makes it easy to communicate with your application using a simple serial interface (data only) between Amulet and the host microprocessor. The partitioned system enables the embedded GUI design and application code to be designed in parallel, making developing and debugging the application much easier. The engineers can concentrate on making the product work, while the GUI designers can focus on creating the best user experience.

Core Graphical User Interface Technology Overview


The core technology, which includes Amulet's Graphical Operating System, runs the entire user interface, including managing and mapping all touch panel controls. It also has a built-in widget library that supports all view and control objects created in GEMstudio Pro™, Amulet's GUI design software. GEMstudio Pro allows you to easily create a graphical user interface for your embedded product.

The Amulet Serial Protocol

Amulet uses an ASCII communication protocol between the Amulet Graphical OS Chip™ and the external host micro running the application.

There are two ways of interfacing with an external processor:

  • Amulet as the master and the external processor as the slave.
  • The external processor as the master and the Amulet as the slave.

Both methods can be run concurrently on the same GEMstudio Pro page.

Smartphone-like Interfaces for Embedded Products. Made Easy.

Using Amulet's GUI development software and supporting hardware, applications yield high-performance graphics without the need for a high-performance microcontroller. Amulet is the only GUI solution on the market that enables new and existing systems with 8-bit processors to implement a GUI with smartphone-like graphics. For systems with 16 and 32-bit processors, Amulet significantly off-loads processing power from the host micro.