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GEMplayer™: Complete Design Before Display


The most unique feature of GEMstudio Pro™ is GEMplayer, a fully interactive design simulator, which allows you to complete your GUI design and test out the functionality before investing in any hardware. GEMplayer also utilizes the serial port of your PC to actually communicate with your microcontroller or test environment, verifying hardware behavior before deploying to a physical LCD display.

The configuration setup below illustrates how GEMplayer can be utilized with your current hardware and how communication is established. Once a GUI project is created using GEMstudio Pro, the project can be simulated on the PC using GEMplayer, which is integrated within GEMstudio Pro. The project shown below is included as one of the demos when you install GEMstudio Pro.GEMplayer Example

GEMplayer allows you to choose a COM port in which to communicate. In this case, a virtual COM port is created by the USB to serial dongle. The GEMplayer application running on the PC will behave and respond exactly as the Amulet touch display module that will be implemented in your final product. Even better, if you are utilizing a PC with a touchscreen, the touch interactions will behave similar to your end product display module.