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Amulet Technologies' graphical user interface (GUI) design software and production hardware enables manufacturers and product designers to easily achieve smartphone-like user interfaces on new and existing microcontroller based products quickly and simply. Amulet offers chip, board and module level solutions to help you achieve your product design goals, and take you from GUI design to production, seamlessly.

Embedded GUI Solutions:

  • Design Software: GEMstudio Pro™ is a true drag-and-drop GUI software design tool that enables designers to easily design, customize, test and implement a high-end user interface into all types of embedded products, without the need for coding.

  • Development Kits: The plug-and-play GEMstarter-kit™ includes all the hardware and software design tools you need to create a graphically rich, interactive and easy-to-use color GUI, right out of the box. Your GUI design is directly portable to production.

  • Display Modules: Amulet's color and monochrome diplay modules are ready for production with an integrated Amulet Graphical OS Chip™ and all other parts to drive the display. A fully integrated, drop-in solution, these modules are ideal when time-to-market is of top priority and quality cannot be compromised.

  • Controller Boards: Amulet's board level GUI solutions are the quickest path to develop a custom module. All boards include a GEM Graphical OS Chip and can interface to virtually any color display.

  • Chips: Amulet’s GEM Graphical OS Chips drive many popular color displays. Each chip is a complete Graphical Operating System that executes your embedded interface designed with GEMstudio.