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 Amulet’s GEM Graphical OS Chip™ for color displays offers all the functionality of the monochrome chip, but in gorgeous 24-bit color. Take your product to the next level by easily implementing an interactive, smartphone-like embedded user interface designed with Amulet’s drag-and-drop GUI development tools. The chip includes all of the hardware and software required to turn a color LCD and touch panel into a graphical user interface. It supports alpha blending on passive and active displays of various sizes and includes a built-in royalty-FREE Graphical Operating System along with a Free 30-Day Trial of Amulet's GEMstudio Pro, the easiest, fastest and most flexible GUI design tool in the embedded space.

Amulet has partnered with hundreds of OEM’s saving them time and money while helping them go from ordinary push buttons, knobs and LEDs to distinctive color graphical user interfaces that set them apart from the competition.

Go ahead...take the plunge and add a splash of color. It's never been easier!

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