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Controller Board Solutions

The GEMexpress II product is a plug-and-play display controller board for TFT and OLED displays. Not only does this board level solution provide you with flexibility when choosing a display, but it also provides you with a short time-to-market. Without having to spend extra time and money on board designs, you can spend more time perfecting your user interface design, application hardware and industrial design to create a leading product for your industry.

GEMexpressTM II customers can experience the unique benefits of designing their GUI with GEMstudio Pro™, the easiest, fastest and most flexible graphical user interface (GUI) design tool in the embedded space. GEMstudio integrates tools for visual layout, interactive PC based simulation, and programming of the flash memory in the target embedded hardware. It's a true WYSIWYG GUI design tool that requires no coding for the GUI design.

GEMexpress II Advantages

GEMexpress™ II is a production ready universal display driver board for TFT and OLED displays that can interface to displays from various manufacturers, allowing for greater design flexibility and a shorter time-to-market.

There is much less engineering work when integrating an embedded user interface using a GEMexpress™ II board compared to the traditional approach of designing in an LCD controller chip, thus designers save a lot of time and cut costs. Designers can be in production as fast as choosing a display and integrating it with a board that meets their display and embedded user interface design requirements.

GEMexpress™ II – Display Driver Board

Includes enhanced memory features for better performance in higher resolution color TFT and OLED displays!

(GCC-2) GEMexpress™ II has a storage capacity of 64 megabit serial flash for storing GUI pages and 256 megabit SDRAM (frame buffer) for enhanced performance in higher resolution color TFT and OLED displays.

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The GEMexpress™ II features an Amulet 225 BGA GEM Graphical OS Chip™ (AGB75LC04-BG-E), an integrated 4- or 5-wire touch panel decoder, and 3.3v UART, TWI, and USB serial interfaces. This small and compact display driver board measures 1.5" x 3.0" and fits within the outline of a 3.5" TFT.




Download a free trial of GEMstudio Pro™ and begin designing your GUI today.