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Embedded GUI Video Tutorials

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GEMstudio Pro New Features Webinar

Learn about the new features introduced in the latest GEMstudio Pro release, version  Learn about the new way GEMstudio handles image layers and multi-language support.  GEMstudio now supports Anti-Aliased fonts and there is a new and easier way that image scrollers are implemented.

IoT Design Webinar (Part 1)

Part 1 of our series of webinars covering the design and control of a lighting IoT. This part covers the development of the graphical front-end using GEMstudio Pro.

IoT Lighting Design for Home Automation Webinar (Part 2)

Part 2 of our series covers lighting control running on an Amulet smart display module, communicating with wi-fi capable Arduino, and controlling an internet connected smart light bulb from LIFX.

One Minute Tutorials:


Amulet demonstrates the first public port of the Arduino framework to the Cortex SAMA5 ARM processor, which powers their 7 inch capacitive high performance intelligent display module.


Module Videos:

High Performance 7" Capacitive

Watch this video for quick demo of the touch sensor working through gloves and water


Quick Demo of the Capacitive 4.3" GEMmodule™

Shows the basic navigation of the producion-ready capacitive module developed in partnership with Cypress and Clicktouch.


GEMstudio Videos:

GEMscript Introduction

Watch this video for a quick overview of using GEMscript, a new feature in GEMstudio Pro


GEMstudio Overview

Watch this video for a quick overview of how easy it is to design an embedded GUI using GEMstudio.


GEMstudio Demonstration

Here's an informative step-by-step video showing you how to design an embedded GUI using GEMstudio.


GEMstudio Features - Version

This video highlights the updates and enhancements made in version of GEMstudio.


Communicating with Host Processor™

This video demonstrates how to setup communication between Amulet and the host processor using GEMstudio



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