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GEMstudio Pro™ is the easiest, fastest and most flexible graphical user interface (GUI) software design tool in the embedded space. It enables designers to easily design, customize, test and implement a high-end user interface into all types of embedded products.

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No Hidden Code Required

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GEMstudio Pro is a true WYSIWYG GUI design software tool requiring absolutely no coding for the embedded GUI design. In comparison to other "no-coding" GUI design solutions, that often require additional developer tools with C++ knowledge, production-ready smartphone-like GUIs can be created by sales and marketing people, usability specialists and graphic designers alike. This allows for the many design iterations that are required to create the best user experience possible.

Alternatively, GEMstudio Pro is also perfect for engineers, as it is both easy to use and powerful enough to enable the embedded systems programmer to build a GUI that looks like it was created by a skilled graphics artist. All of this happens in days or weeks, instead of months or years.

GEMstudio Pro comes with a scripting language called GEMscript, that allows for greater capability, allowing for programmers to truly design unique custom interface controls. You also have the ability to run calculations, define functions, and plot or scale your data.

Reduce Your Complexity

With GEMstudio Pro’s partitioned product design, dependencies between engineering and marketing are dramatically reduced. The embedded GUI design and application code can be designed in parallel. This makes developing and debugging the application much easier. The engineers can concentrate on making the product work, while the GUI designers can focus on creating the best user experience.

Features & Benefits

  • GEMscriptTM is a scripting language with a coding tool that greatly enhances the processing capabilities of the Amulet OS, which allows complex algorithms to be written easily. This allows for Analog Radial Dial and speedometer-like animations to be created. It has the ability to run calculations, define functions, and plot or scale your data. GEMscript includes new string and floating point libraries, as well as direct access to many of the core OS functions, such as graphics primitives.

  • Nested Pages lets you to drag one GEMstudio Pro page into another, allowing for a hierarchy of pages. This makes it possible to have a set of code or objects that are identical across several pages but are defined just a single time in the parent page.

  • GEMplayerTM supports native 8-bit and 24-bit color, allowing for faster development times of reduced color projects. It also simulates the project, enabling the user to preview and test the GUI before programming it onto the physical hardware. >Learn More

  • Custom Bezel Simulator allows simulation of your GUI with a custom image surrounding the GUI, which could represent a portion of or even your entire product. This gives the GEMstudio user a bigger picture of what the finalized hardware will actually look like. If the touch sensor is physically larger than the display, this also allows for off-screen buttons to be used in simulation.

  • Canvas Resize allows you to adjust the coordinates that objects are restricted to on a certain page. This can be different on every page, which is especially useful on nested pages when you want to restrict widgets from a certain area such a common objects defined on a parent page. If the touch sensor is physically larger than the display, a canvas larger than the display facilitates the GEMstudio Pro layout of touchable objects outside of the display area.

  • Rotating Screens allow your screens to be laid out either vertically or horizontally - regardless of the LCD's raster scan orientation.



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